October 1, 2011

Fun Rainbow Nails! :D

So Selene and I went out shopping yesterday, and let's just say...we bought a fair amount of nail polishes! The Nail Art Lacquers used in this design is only just part of what we bought.

Anyways, I have a friend, Styx, and she is just as much a fan of nail polish as Selene and I! She came over yesterday and we did the usual, try a bunch of nail polishes on our nails and test some crazy designs. Well, at the end of the night she had done MY nails for a change.

So for today, I'm going to show you my 'Rainbow Nails'. Styx had started off with Sally Hansen, White On (what a creative name). Then she took the package of nail art polishes that I bought that day and made a colorful design! In no particular order she took one of the colors and made a line diagonally on the already painted white, nails.

I, personally, really like this design! Its so much fun! and for some reason I can't stop staring at it! The nail art colors are so bright and vibrant, especially contrasting on the white. I can definitely see my self wearing this again! :)

I was never a big fan of the Sally Hansen polishes. Sometimes I like the brushes and sometimes just the opposite. I also feel that the solutions are sometimes too thick for me. Maybe it's just this bottle. I possible need to put some nail polish thinner in it. We'll see.

Anyways, I hope you enjoyed it! Selene and I will post a haul of what we bought yesterday! 

Till next time


  1. They're so happy, I love it! I don't love the Sally brushes either but the Art Club stripers are fantastic.

  2. Ahaha I agree completely, and ya the art club stripers are great! I love these ones so much, especially the colors!

  3. I love this. So bright & fun. :)

  4. Thanks!! Fun to look at in real life to !

  5. Whhaaat only six followers? You deserve wayy more! Very cute mani!! Love it!

  6. Ahah! hoping for more as time passes :P and thanks!