December 30, 2011

Black and White Retro Nails

Hey guys! I hope all of you had a great holiday :)

So I was looking online for nail design ideas and found this one picture that kind of inspired me. Sorry I don't have a link to it I was just looking on google. Anyways, I used as a base mannequin by the American Apparel polishes. I used a black and white for the tips and then just used my dotting tool for the design.

Here are the pictures...

and oh btw I rounded my nails, hope the don't break like they do when they are squared.

Talk to you later!


December 24, 2011

Snowman Nails :)

Hello! :) Today I have for you a simple snowman design that I saw on youtube and just thought Oh isn't that cute. So I felt like testing it out :)

So the polishes I used was White on White by China Glaze as my base and then on top of that I used Essie's Shine of the times. I absolutely love this Essie polish. One of my favorite things about it is that it's effect is pretty much different on every color.  Last but not least I used my dotting tool and a stripper for the face of the snowmans.

By the way, I tried really hard to get the colorfulness of the Essie Shine of the Times but as many pictures as I took, none of them really did any justice for this beautiful color. If any of you have it, I'm sure you know what I mean. For those of you who don't it's kind of a multicolor glass-shard polish. Really nice.

Anyways here are the pictures.. And once again, they don't do the Essie polish any justice...

Hope you guys liked it and Happy Holidays!

See you next time


December 23, 2011

Blue Sparkly Nails :)

Hola fellow bloggers and blog readers. I'm so happy for this winter break. Two weeks off of school. More time to do my nails? I think so! :)

 So today I have for you a blue-themed nail design that was really easy and quick to do. As my base I used Swizzle Stix by Barielle Shades. On top of this I used a light blue stripper from color club. On top of the light blue triangles I used Hallucinate by Wet n Wild to give it a bit of glitter. :)

I actually like this a lot and hope you guys do too.. here are the pictures :)

Direct sun
 Direct sun
 Indirect Sun

See you guys next time! Happy Holidays!!


December 22, 2011

White and Green Nail Design

Hey guys! So today I have for you another nail design. I have to admit I'm not too happy with how these turned out. I imagined them a lot different in my head.

Anyways, a lot of people said that it looks like grassed but honestly.. I didn't intend for them to look like grass. I kind of just did what I imagined and it turned out like this. Do you guys think it looks like grass?

So I used a white base and then a minty green stripper for the nails.

Here are the nails..

Hope you guys liked it. I'll be back with the nail design I am wearing currently.

See you next time.


December 19, 2011

Candy Cane Nails!

Happy Monday! As happy as Monday can get...

Anyways, for today I've got for you a cute holiday design...Candy Canes! Instead of using red and white, I wanted to use a light pink and darker pink for the stripes. For the base I used Coney Island from American Apparel.

Hope you enjoy!

I hope you guys are having fun preparing for the holidays!
Hope you guys like it and I'll be back soon with another design

December 15, 2011

Pink Swirl Nails

Hey guys! Okay so I wanted to apologize for the decrease in activity on our blog. I'm hoping that I can get in the routine of posting more often.

Anyways, this design I think is really fun :)! It kind of reminds me of the little mint candies you get at restaurants when you get the bill. mmm...

So for a base I used Yum Gum by Color Club and a darker pink stripper for the swirls (also by color club)

So here they are..

oh and sorry for any chips, these pictures were taken a couple days after I did them.

Hope you like! Happy Holidays!

Until next time


November 28, 2011

Royal Fame and Fortune

Hey fellow blog readers, I'm just back with a quick update. I'm just going through exam time so I apologize for the few words! Here are my nails:

I wore Revlon Royal as a base with Color Club Fame and Fortune on top.
Absolutely love this combo and I would most likely wear this again!

Speak soon