September 30, 2011

Apple Picking!

Hey there fellow beings :D, over the weekend I went on a trip over to a farm for some apple picking! I love picking fresh fruits right from the plant, its cheaper, fun-er, and delicious-er!! So when I got ready I decided why not make an apple themed nail design! So here you go, these are the nails:

I used Love is a Racket by OPI for the red nails and red apple. I used Never Enough Shoes by Sepora (by OPI), which does have a golden bronze shimmer which really does’nt really translate on the nail both in the picture and in real life. Also I used a gold and sparkly green that are nameless, but are Art Club Nail Art Lacquers by Color Club (I used those for the apples branch and leaf). Lastly, to give it a more 3D feel I added a little red rhinestone on the apple.
I was looking for some apple inspiration online and found out that there aren’t many apple nails designs! I wish there were more maybe you guys know of any?
Anyway, Enjoy your weekend!

September 29, 2011

Gargantuan Green Greatness

Hello All, Theia here. This color I’m wearing is Gargantuan Green Grape by O.P.I. If you read our very first post you would know that this is one of my favorite colors. I have worn this before but because of my love for it felt like painting it on my nails again. 
I also felt like a little twist. I added a matte top coat by Gosh. I have to say it does make me love this color so much more.

In the pictures I took, I’m not sure why but the color looks just a touch blue-er. In real life it has a slightly more minty green shade

I do have to admit I was very clumsy when I put this color on, I hit almost every surface possible and my hands did not want to stay quite as still as I hoped. I’m hoping as time passes my skills will improve and you guys will not have to suffer and look at these atrocious nails :$. 

Though I love this color for its minty freshness, its light but stand out shade, and, excuse me if this doesn’t make sense, its sort of calming-ness, there were some down sides. When I first used this color, I loved the way it brushed on so smoothly and didn’t bubble. Though this time I was somewhat disappointed to realize that it got a touch thicker and if you noticed in the pictures, had bubbled a bit

Overall, I still love this color and see myself wearing it again in the future :)

September 27, 2011

Flip Flop Disaster

hellooo humans, it’s me Selene reporting back with another nail design I’ve created. Not my favourite really, but I’ll show it to you guys anyway. I used flip flop fantasy by china glaze as my base coat and konad stamp from Konad S6 plate. AND if that wasn’t enough i added that “LOVE” sticker that came with these nail stickers I bought a while ago at wal-mart. 

This was honestly an “I’m bored and I need to spice up this color” design. Well, not only that when I first  put on this color, it was a nice color but it wasn’t “Me” so I needed to add a little something to it… that made it worse. Whatever hopefully somebody will like it. And if not you’ll either be amused by the lack of skill this portrays or you will know what not to do to your nails. :P

September 25, 2011

OKAY!! We're new at this..

 We solemnly swear to create better nail polish designs and pictures then we have in the past. But for now you MUST suffer and look at our previous  nail disasters which we may have thought were good ideas… and we’re not going to lie some we still do. We are quite new at this so our nail polish is a bit messy at times and pictures are not great quality, but you get the idea :) 

Hope you enjoyed the mess:) If you have any questions feel free to comment!

September 23, 2011


Let us introduce ourselves, WE are Selene and Theia. We are currently obsessed with nail polish and like to share our obsessions with YOU. We are aware that our addiction may not be of the healthy kind, but currently we have not found a rehab suitable for our particular disorder… 
Therefore we shall indulge in the great thing that is NAIL POLISH!!! heehee. We hope that you find our blog entertaining and enjoy your stay.
And here are some “get to know us” question and answers that we came up with:

What is your favorite nail polish from your collection?
Selene: Frosbite by China Glaze
Theia: Gargantuan Green Grape by O.P.I. and Reggae to Riches by China Gaze

What is your dream nail polish?
Selene: OMG collection by China Glaze
Theia:OMG collection by China Glaze

What is your favorite nail polish name?
Selene: WHAM! POW! by Color Club
Theia: I Always Get My Man-darin by Color Club

If you could invent a nail polish what would it’s name and color be?
Selene: a holographic mint green and its name would be fresh rainbow breathe haha
Theia: black and yellow duo-chrome named Imma Be 

What is your favorite winter color?
Selene: Frostbite by China Glaze
Theia: Turned up Turquoise by China Glaze & Coat Azure by Essie

What is your favorite summer color?
Selene:Fiji by Essie (for toes) Wham! Pow! by Color Club (for hands)
Theia: Gargantuan Green Grape by O.P.I.

What is the worst nail polish out of your collection?
Selene:Mac - Mischievous Mint. I may have just gotten a bad bottle, but this polish has a terrible brush and solution :(
Theia: White Crackle by China Glaze. It didn’t crack as much as I would have liked it to. Though I know of people who have the same and like it just as much as Shatter by O.P.I. Maybe it’s just my bottle

What is your most used nail polish?
Selene: Fiji by Essie
Theia: Pucci-licious by Color Club

In our next post we shall release the evidence of some of our nail experiments.

PS. if anyone actually reads this, we would like to hear your answers as well!