September 29, 2011

Gargantuan Green Greatness

Hello All, Theia here. This color I’m wearing is Gargantuan Green Grape by O.P.I. If you read our very first post you would know that this is one of my favorite colors. I have worn this before but because of my love for it felt like painting it on my nails again. 
I also felt like a little twist. I added a matte top coat by Gosh. I have to say it does make me love this color so much more.

In the pictures I took, I’m not sure why but the color looks just a touch blue-er. In real life it has a slightly more minty green shade

I do have to admit I was very clumsy when I put this color on, I hit almost every surface possible and my hands did not want to stay quite as still as I hoped. I’m hoping as time passes my skills will improve and you guys will not have to suffer and look at these atrocious nails :$. 

Though I love this color for its minty freshness, its light but stand out shade, and, excuse me if this doesn’t make sense, its sort of calming-ness, there were some down sides. When I first used this color, I loved the way it brushed on so smoothly and didn’t bubble. Though this time I was somewhat disappointed to realize that it got a touch thicker and if you noticed in the pictures, had bubbled a bit

Overall, I still love this color and see myself wearing it again in the future :)

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