December 30, 2011

Black and White Retro Nails

Hey guys! I hope all of you had a great holiday :)

So I was looking online for nail design ideas and found this one picture that kind of inspired me. Sorry I don't have a link to it I was just looking on google. Anyways, I used as a base mannequin by the American Apparel polishes. I used a black and white for the tips and then just used my dotting tool for the design.

Here are the pictures...

and oh btw I rounded my nails, hope the don't break like they do when they are squared.

Talk to you later!


December 24, 2011

Snowman Nails :)

Hello! :) Today I have for you a simple snowman design that I saw on youtube and just thought Oh isn't that cute. So I felt like testing it out :)

So the polishes I used was White on White by China Glaze as my base and then on top of that I used Essie's Shine of the times. I absolutely love this Essie polish. One of my favorite things about it is that it's effect is pretty much different on every color.  Last but not least I used my dotting tool and a stripper for the face of the snowmans.

By the way, I tried really hard to get the colorfulness of the Essie Shine of the Times but as many pictures as I took, none of them really did any justice for this beautiful color. If any of you have it, I'm sure you know what I mean. For those of you who don't it's kind of a multicolor glass-shard polish. Really nice.

Anyways here are the pictures.. And once again, they don't do the Essie polish any justice...

Hope you guys liked it and Happy Holidays!

See you next time


December 23, 2011

Blue Sparkly Nails :)

Hola fellow bloggers and blog readers. I'm so happy for this winter break. Two weeks off of school. More time to do my nails? I think so! :)

 So today I have for you a blue-themed nail design that was really easy and quick to do. As my base I used Swizzle Stix by Barielle Shades. On top of this I used a light blue stripper from color club. On top of the light blue triangles I used Hallucinate by Wet n Wild to give it a bit of glitter. :)

I actually like this a lot and hope you guys do too.. here are the pictures :)

Direct sun
 Direct sun
 Indirect Sun

See you guys next time! Happy Holidays!!


December 22, 2011

White and Green Nail Design

Hey guys! So today I have for you another nail design. I have to admit I'm not too happy with how these turned out. I imagined them a lot different in my head.

Anyways, a lot of people said that it looks like grassed but honestly.. I didn't intend for them to look like grass. I kind of just did what I imagined and it turned out like this. Do you guys think it looks like grass?

So I used a white base and then a minty green stripper for the nails.

Here are the nails..

Hope you guys liked it. I'll be back with the nail design I am wearing currently.

See you next time.


December 19, 2011

Candy Cane Nails!

Happy Monday! As happy as Monday can get...

Anyways, for today I've got for you a cute holiday design...Candy Canes! Instead of using red and white, I wanted to use a light pink and darker pink for the stripes. For the base I used Coney Island from American Apparel.

Hope you enjoy!

I hope you guys are having fun preparing for the holidays!
Hope you guys like it and I'll be back soon with another design

December 15, 2011

Pink Swirl Nails

Hey guys! Okay so I wanted to apologize for the decrease in activity on our blog. I'm hoping that I can get in the routine of posting more often.

Anyways, this design I think is really fun :)! It kind of reminds me of the little mint candies you get at restaurants when you get the bill. mmm...

So for a base I used Yum Gum by Color Club and a darker pink stripper for the swirls (also by color club)

So here they are..

oh and sorry for any chips, these pictures were taken a couple days after I did them.

Hope you like! Happy Holidays!

Until next time


November 28, 2011

Royal Fame and Fortune

Hey fellow blog readers, I'm just back with a quick update. I'm just going through exam time so I apologize for the few words! Here are my nails:

I wore Revlon Royal as a base with Color Club Fame and Fortune on top.
Absolutely love this combo and I would most likely wear this again!

Speak soon

November 24, 2011

U-Concrete-Me plus Bling!

Halloooo, I have this major's called never-do-my-nail-at-a-good-time-itis. Haha yeaah so I always end up doing my nails right before I have to go somewhere and they are never dry enough so I end up somehow ruining them. I even did another design for halloween but I completely ruined them when I went out and I refuse to show you the disaster that occurred. I like to take pictures of my nails in the day light and I always do my nails at night time so I wait until the next day to photograph them and by then something usually goes wrong. Yeah obviously I have not learned from this mistake. So if any of my photos if the topcoat looks kinds rough, well it's because it is-but it's completely my fault not the topcoat lol. Hopefully you guys can overlook that since I hardly have time time to sit there for 2 hours to do my nails and wait for them to dry completely.

Anyway I've changed my nail shape back to square nails.. not because I didn't like the oval-I loved it! Unfortunately with the move my nails took a good beating and some of them broke so I gave up and cut them all off
I wasn't sure if I wanted to show you guys this picture because I didn't like it but heyy why the hell not? I put OPI's Pepe's Purple Passion and didn't do anything special, well because I hadn't really found the time.

But once I did find the time I created this manicure.
I used Barielle U-Concrete-Me and Color Club Sugarplum Fairy for the glitter which translated terribly in this picture so I took another one under artificial light which as you can is incredibly holographic!
I liked this a lot actually sort of felt like I had Jewelry on that ring finger there haha

Talk soon

Purple Temptation!

Good Morning! Today I have for you a design that I did a couple days ago.I felt like something simple but not too simple. Complicated but not too complicated. And where I pretty much ended off, having to do it in a short amount of time.

Since this is the first time I had gotten/heard of/even used a barielle shades polish, I felt like it should be incorporated in my first mani after the grand haul!

So for  today I got for you a mani using one barielle shades polish, one OPI, and a regular black striper. The barielle is called Grape Escape and the OPI, from the DS collection is called Temptation.

I'm gonna say that I was really happy with the result of the quality of the barielle polish. I only had to use on coat and it went on smooth like butter... absolutely amazing!!

So without further adieu...

Talk to you laterrr aligatorrss :)


November 23, 2011

Essie E-nuf is E-nuf

Hey guys! It's Theia here. I as well did this mani a while back and just never had time to put it up and then completely forgot about it later.

Anyways this is a new essie color I got that I really like. I never had any trouble with the consistency of any essie colors so yes, this one is still an amazing pick!

I love this color and I hope you will too!

See you later!


November 22, 2011

Breast Cancer Awareness Nails

Okay! So I actually did this manicure about a month ago for Breast Cancer Awareness Day at my school. I actually think this is really cute but would change a couple aspects in it now that I look back at it.

So I used Yum Gum by Color Club for the base color and Mod About You by OPI for the ribbon.

Hope you enjoy :)

Sorry I haven't posted in a bit!

Will post another mani soon


November 21, 2011

HAUL: yes yes, ANOTHER one!

Can we ever stop? Yeah, I don't think so, at least not in the near future! And the way we're going it seems we'd rather have nothing else but polishes and nail related items! Anyway we're super excited to show you what we've got, I believe this is our longest haul yet!

Orly: Candy Cane Lane, Winter Wonderland, and Meet me Under the Mistletoe
*it actually came with a free bag, which is under the polishes in the picture.

Nina Ultra Pro Purple-xing, Nicole by OPI It's a May-zing, OPI DS Temptation
 Kleancolor City Never Sleeps, Revlon Royal, Zoya Kissy, and Gosh Ocean
Color Club Beyond the Mistletoe collection and Back Stage collection
 Barielle: Gold Digger, Passion Pirrouette, U-Concrete-Me, Decadence, and Slate of Affairs
 Some Glitter I bought at a dollar store to either mix with polishes or for a design, not sure yet.
 More sparkles from a dollar store and some small beads for nails design. Look at how cute the bottles are!
 This actually our second bottle of Nail Envy Matte Nail Strengthener, we love it! We use it often as our base.
China Glaze Santa's Little Helpers
 Another Barielle set: Swizzle Stix, Do Unto Others, Grape Escape,Blossom, and Budda-full
 Orly Fowl Play. It is soooo pretty!!
 A mini set of 3 Zoya Matte polishes: Phoebe, Mitzi, and Lolly
 Seche Vite topcoat and Duri Rejuvacote. We actually never tried Seche Vite before so we wanted to get one to see if we like it better the what we already use.
Love & Beauty Light Green. What an original namee lol. We actually saw this on the Daily Nail Reviews and had to get one ourselves, it's a flakey!

Did we mention how much we love Winners?? We really really do!! Most of these polishes were purchased from there!! If you are as crazy as we are, you should definitely go check it out! Super excited to do our nails now!

Will post soon <3

-Selene and Theia

November 17, 2011

Guess who's back?

Back agian, Selene's back tell a friend... hehe yeaahh so we've been MIA for a WHILE, I really didn't expect it to take this long. Theia and I have just finished moving to a different house and we got a lot more busy then we expected. It took much more time from us then we wanted and we really did want to get back asap but we're both in school and I'm also working so all of that together left very little time for ourselves. And once we got off the routine of writing post it started getting hard for us to get back on it even though we have plenty of things to show you!

Anyway. I made sure to still take pictures for you so you could see the different manis I've been sporting AND I know it's been a while since Halloween but I have two designs I've been wanting to show you and I just didnt have the time to post it. So I'll post it here quickly for you:

If you want to know the polish I've used on any of these looks just comment and I'll be sure to answer!
Right now I'm at school and I have to go!
See ya later!

Ps. I hope you like our blog's new look
Pps. and if you really like our blog, we just got a facebook page (link in the sidebar)

October 30, 2011

Halloween: Creepy Creatures

I am so excited for Halloween one of my favourite times of the year because everyone gets so creative! I tried to do something different with my nails and it turned out pretty well, other than I thought I could have done a better job on the fangs. I like the pattern of the eyeballs a lot, I think I would do it on all my nails even when Halloween is over

 I used Sephora by OPI What's a Tire Jack for the base, Sally Hansen White on, Sally Hansen red Nail Pen for the blood on the teeth, OPI Love is a Racket for the red in the eyes, and finally Revlon Gold Coin for the golden dots.

Hope you like it!