November 24, 2011

Purple Temptation!

Good Morning! Today I have for you a design that I did a couple days ago.I felt like something simple but not too simple. Complicated but not too complicated. And where I pretty much ended off, having to do it in a short amount of time.

Since this is the first time I had gotten/heard of/even used a barielle shades polish, I felt like it should be incorporated in my first mani after the grand haul!

So for  today I got for you a mani using one barielle shades polish, one OPI, and a regular black striper. The barielle is called Grape Escape and the OPI, from the DS collection is called Temptation.

I'm gonna say that I was really happy with the result of the quality of the barielle polish. I only had to use on coat and it went on smooth like butter... absolutely amazing!!

So without further adieu...

Talk to you laterrr aligatorrss :)


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