November 24, 2011

U-Concrete-Me plus Bling!

Halloooo, I have this major's called never-do-my-nail-at-a-good-time-itis. Haha yeaah so I always end up doing my nails right before I have to go somewhere and they are never dry enough so I end up somehow ruining them. I even did another design for halloween but I completely ruined them when I went out and I refuse to show you the disaster that occurred. I like to take pictures of my nails in the day light and I always do my nails at night time so I wait until the next day to photograph them and by then something usually goes wrong. Yeah obviously I have not learned from this mistake. So if any of my photos if the topcoat looks kinds rough, well it's because it is-but it's completely my fault not the topcoat lol. Hopefully you guys can overlook that since I hardly have time time to sit there for 2 hours to do my nails and wait for them to dry completely.

Anyway I've changed my nail shape back to square nails.. not because I didn't like the oval-I loved it! Unfortunately with the move my nails took a good beating and some of them broke so I gave up and cut them all off
I wasn't sure if I wanted to show you guys this picture because I didn't like it but heyy why the hell not? I put OPI's Pepe's Purple Passion and didn't do anything special, well because I hadn't really found the time.

But once I did find the time I created this manicure.
I used Barielle U-Concrete-Me and Color Club Sugarplum Fairy for the glitter which translated terribly in this picture so I took another one under artificial light which as you can is incredibly holographic!
I liked this a lot actually sort of felt like I had Jewelry on that ring finger there haha

Talk soon

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