November 17, 2011

Guess who's back?

Back agian, Selene's back tell a friend... hehe yeaahh so we've been MIA for a WHILE, I really didn't expect it to take this long. Theia and I have just finished moving to a different house and we got a lot more busy then we expected. It took much more time from us then we wanted and we really did want to get back asap but we're both in school and I'm also working so all of that together left very little time for ourselves. And once we got off the routine of writing post it started getting hard for us to get back on it even though we have plenty of things to show you!

Anyway. I made sure to still take pictures for you so you could see the different manis I've been sporting AND I know it's been a while since Halloween but I have two designs I've been wanting to show you and I just didnt have the time to post it. So I'll post it here quickly for you:

If you want to know the polish I've used on any of these looks just comment and I'll be sure to answer!
Right now I'm at school and I have to go!
See ya later!

Ps. I hope you like our blog's new look
Pps. and if you really like our blog, we just got a facebook page (link in the sidebar)


  1. love the new look! great manis! <3 hugs*

  2. I really really like the red skull mani!