October 28, 2011

Rainbow Connection

Hello! So this mani was actually from a while back but I just hadn't had time to post it! :( Sorry for that. Anyways this is just a cute sparkly mani which I actually really liked. I used Celeb City by Sally Hansen and from our most recent haul, OPI's Rainbow Connection from their muppets collection!! As much as I hate glitters for their trouble to remove, I absolutely loved this one. It's a really pretty rainbow polish with different sized glitters which makes it so interesting!

Also, I'm really sorry, I did my nails at night so it is in artificial light. It doesn't do the glitter any justice. :(

I will be back with another nail design!

Talk to you soon,


1 comment:

  1. very pretty! i wasn't sure how I liked the glitter at first, but it def works.