October 4, 2011

Party in Bahama

I absolutely love this combo, but I wish that I didn't have to layer the sparkles on so thick to get a nice amount on there. And like all sparkles, removing it was total nightmare. For some reason it did not want to come off. I practically scraped it off- which is probably not good for the nails but I had to do what I had to do. I apologize for the goopy areas but i tried to get an even amount of the glitter throughout the surface of the nail.

I used Bahama Mama by Essie as the base and layered on A Party of 5 Glitters by Wet n' Wild. By the way, if the nail polish looks thick it's because it is! I put a ton of layers just to get the right amount. I would love to wear this look again even with all the thickness, well only if I could find an easier way to take off this glitter. Do you guys know of anything I can do?



  1. That's the pain of glitter -- it looks soooo good (and does, that's a great glitter you've got there!) but can be such a nightmare to take off! You can soak balls in polish remover, put them on your nail, wrap your fingertips in aluminum foil (oh yeah, looks totally weird) and then wait like 5 minutes. The polish will just slide right off after that.

  2. I love this! So much awesome glitter! I do exactly what Nail Nerd just described and it works so great!