October 16, 2011

Magical Manicure

I'd like to apologize that our posts are a bit slow, we really would like to post more often but were finding it  difficult since we are moving and are doing major packing. Not only that I got stuck with a bit of a cold that slowed things down a little. Anywho, here's another manicure I had on a few days ago and I like it much better in person rather then in pictures:

I used an American Apparel polish called L'Esprit for the light purple that actually has a slight blue undertone. And to spice it up I put it OPI's Teenage Dream on top, adding a little more towards the tips.

Here's Teenage Dream in its original bottle, look how beautiful the holo sparkles are!

I feel like I'd wear this look if I were to dress up as a princess or a fairy for Halloween lol. It seems so fun and bright to cheer me up during the grey weather we're having here and as a break from the darker colors I've been wearing lately.

Hope you have an amazing day!
I'll post soon, I promise :)