October 10, 2011

Shiny Ballet Slippers

Hey there internet peoplee! Guess what?? I rounded of my square shape and I'm pretty sure I'm sticking with it! I've always had my nails square shaped but I was looking at a few blogs and I was loving the rounded off shape and thought to myself, the next time my nails break Im going to round them off. So I did. And now I'm loving it! My nails didn't break yet and my shape isn't perfect yet but I'll get there. Soo as for my first nail design with the shape I chose to show you these shiny ballet slippers. Actually to be honest it wasn't my first nail design with this shape- I had a failed attempt doing a half moon manicure using the Sally Hansen nail art pen but for some reason it wouldn't work with me and was too watery and not quite as opaque as I was hoping it to be. So ahem, let me correct myself- the second nail design I tried on my nails: 

If you can tell I gave my Sally Hansen nail pen a second chance drawing the laces on these design, but it didn't quite work... Sigh, hopefully I'll find a better use for this pen. For the base I used Sephora by OPI I Need Space, and for the the shoe I used Color Club's Hot Like Lava from the foiled collection. For the details I used Sally Hansen White on and 3 different blacks: Sephora by OPI's What's a Tire Jack, Color Club's black from the Art Club collections, and Sally Hansen nail art pen.

Here's the tutorial for those who want to recreate this look:
Step 1: paint you're entire nail in a nude color (Sephora by OPI's I Need Space) the paint Hot Like Lava leaving a triangle out at the top like so:
Step 2: Add a black V to your nails where the pink and the nude meet.
Step 3: Create black dots around the "V" shape on the Hot Like Lava Color. Make sure to make it even on both sides of V since those are the holes you are going to be putting the laces through.
Step 4: Make white dots within those previous black dots.
Step 5: Add the laces. Using a black nail polish create first a horizontal lines connecting the top dots and then move on by connecting the others in a criss cross formation (if that makes any sense). I made the mistake of using the art pen as you can see:
Step 6: Your final step, put a clear coat and there you have it: ballet slippers on your nails! Now you can put on a finger ballet show... like I did hehe :D

Hope you liked my first tutorial!


  1. Adorable, lookit your little dancing fingers! :)

  2. This is a cool idea, and I love the last picture :)

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  5. What a cute tutorial! I love ballet slippers and I love nail polish desingns so this is perfect...